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Stop the Farallon Poison Drop -December 2021

"We are going to need a MASSIVE public opposition to this to stop this from happening." Cea Higgins, Coastwalk

Sign up NOW to speak in opposition on December 16, 2021

Email the Coastal Commission. Tell them you oppose dropping 1.5 tons of rodenticides on the Farallon Islands:

Presentation by Cea Higgins, Coastwalk

The last thing we want to see happen in our Farallons National Marine Sanctuary is to have the California Coastal Commission approve a USFWS proposal to drop 1.5 tons of a rodenticide; the same rodenticide that was recently banned on the California mainland because of its extreme effects on wildlife and local ecosystems.

This is a 1950's idea to deal with the mouse population, there are better and saner options.

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