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Grazing Land Stewardship

Sonoma SASS doesn’t just focus on eliminating toxics, we also promote solutions like organic, regenerative, climate-smart land stewardship. Managing land in these ways increases carbon sequestration, reduces erosion, and decreases accidental toxics exposure for people, wildlife, and the environment. 

In 2020/2021 through a Rose Foundation Grant Sonoma Sonoma SASS participated in an Intersectional Land Stewardship Project with Wild Oat Hollow, the Community Grazing Cooperatives and The Holistic Herder: Ecosystem Regeneration.

Our West County pilot project is primarily using goats to help a rural residential community in a fire-prone area manage their land without pesticides. Through replicating ancient and indigenous land stewarding techniques we are building relationships with communities and the land to help rural residents develop the tools they need to build a healthy fire ecosystem.

We hope to use our West County pilot site as a demonstration tool and to fund additional projects like this in the future.

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