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Why Pesticide-Free?

Non-toxic land management matters. Pesticides, including weedkillers, insecticides and fungicides are used commonly in Sonoma County. Synthetic pesticides are long-lasting toxicants in the environment and are linked to many human health problems. Pesticides that are routinely applied in Sonoma County near schools and communities, are known carcinogens, reproductive or developmental toxicants and neurotoxins.

More than 2.5 million pounds of agricultural pesticides were used in Sonoma County in 2017, with more than 2.3 million pounds (93%) of that total used on the wine grape crop. "Sustainable" grapes and wine are rarely organic. 

Sprayed pesticides drift, up to a mile from where they were applied. Farmworkers, landscapers, and nearby residents can suffer health impacts if pesticides are applied without proper care. They also can get into our groundwater, damaging precious resources for generations (see our GRAPE Research Project).

We watchdog pesticide use and fund citizen science to help our community thrive. 

Contact us if you would like to help your community go toxic free.

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