No Spray CalTrans

Tell the Supervisors to stop CalTrans from using RoundUP/Glyphosate in Sonoma County 

Have you noticed the telltale dead orange grass along the freeway? Though most governments in Sonoma County have stopped using synthetic weed killers like RoundUp/glyphosate, the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) still sprays known carcinogens along all of our State Highways and right of ways: CA-101, CA-12, CA-116, CA-1, and the Smart Train tracks which traverse miles of residential neighborhoods. This results in needless human exposure, water pollution and soil degradation.

Most roadsides are ditches that flow directly into the Russian River. If there truly is "never enough water to waste” why are we allowing our water supplies to be polluted by a State agency? 

Protecting soil health is a powerful way to remove carbon from the atmosphere to combat climate change. Synthetic herbicides like glyphosate work against this natural process by killing the soil.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in March 2022 motorists and bikers along CA-116 came into direct contact with glyphosate spray from a CalTrans spray truck. Dozens of residents and 2 bikers were also exposed to pesticide spray. We know of the incident as there was a report filed with the Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner's office. Though these types of exposures happen all the time, CalTrans has not yet been able to make reparations to the exposed resident. If pesticides cannot be used safely in Sonoma County, they should not be used at all. 

Will you help us by telling the Board of Supervisors to stop CalTrans from using synthetic weed killers in our County? CalTrans stopped using synthetic herbicides in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties over 20 years ago, there is no reason for CalTrans to use these toxic chemicals in Sonoma County.


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