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State Assembly District 12 Candidates Show Broad Support for Safer Pesticide Policy

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

We were thrilled to learn that both State Assembly District 12 candidates Damon Connolly and Sara Aminzadeh show strong support for more protective pesticide-use policy and nontoxic land management and agriculture in California. Both candidates were represented in our Sonoma Safe Ag Safe Schools August 23, 2022 public forum on Safe and Sustainable Pest Management in Sonoma County.

"As a County Supervisor, I have prioritized removing toxic pesticides and herbicides from use on public lands in Marin County and shifted toward alternative approaches. In 2021 we had zero use of glyphosate and rodenticide at all 147 sites managed by Marin County Parks, 130 out of 147 sites were successfully managed without pesticide, and conventional pesticide use decreased 54% over the previous year. I will always place people’s health at the forefront of my decision-making notwithstanding arguments about the economic costs of doing so." Damon Connolly

"As an elected Assemblymember, I would work with the representatives of Humboldt and Mendocino County to holistically understand how their pesticide-free land management program has been successfully implemented. Then, alongside those against synthetic pesticide use in Marin and Sonoma, I would engage the Administration and the Assembly Committee on Transportation, which has jurisdiction over CalTrans, to create a roadmap for the discontinuation of CalTrans’s use of synthetic herbicides for road maintenance." Sara Aminzadeh

"I take the public health threats from pesticide use seriously, especially when it comes to our children and schools. In the Assembly, I will work to review and improve the enforcement standards of 3 CCR 6692, including any legislation as necessary, and advocate for the importance of protecting school space from potential contamination resulting from pesticide use. I strongly support NOIs [Notification of Intent to spray]. In addition, I will work with Sonoma County leaders and stakeholders to reduce and when possible eliminate pesticide use and drift around our schools." Damon Connolly

"I support the current efforts to establish a statewide notification system, led by the Department of Pesticide Regulation and I think a comprehensive system should include adequate time for advance notification, linguistically appropriate notification and strict measures to ensure transparency and accountability. Additionally, I will use the influence of my office and my colleagues in the legislature (37 of whom have endorsed me) to notify farmers that these regulations are not optional and educate them on the importance of proper notification." Sara Aminzadeh

Complete candidate questionnaires can be downloaded below. Sonoma SASS does not endorse or opposed any candidates for public office.

State Assembly Damon Connolly Sonoma SASS
Download PDF • 169KB

State Assembly Sara Aminzadeh Sonoma SASS
Download PDF • 145KB

Want to learn more about your State Assembly 12 candidates? Join in a discussion with Damon Connolly and Sara Aminzadeh at the North Bay Food & Farm Forum on Thursday September 8th at 6pm at the Petaluma Community Center.

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