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Powerful Responses from Local Candidates on Pesticide-Free Policy

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We were impressed by the powerful responses we received from our 2022 city council/mayoral candidate questionnaire on pesticide policy. We are blessed to live in a county with so many conscientious leaders stepping up to serve our community! Click on the participating candidates names below to read their statements.

Sonoma Safe Ag Safe Schools (SASS) works with city councils and staff to pass resolutions that ban pesticide use especially in public areas like parks, walkways, and municipal buildings. We are thankful for all of the dedicated elected officials and city staff who have helped us keep pesticides like RoundUp(glyphosate) out of publicly-owned land.


District 6

Jeff Okrepkie

Veronica "Roni" Jacobi

District 4

Victoria Flemming


District 2

Maureen Merrill

District 4

Tanya Potter

Gina Dickson


Mayoral Candidates:

Susan Kirks

D'Lynda Fischer

City Council Candidates:

Karen Nau

Dylan Lloyd


District 2

Emily Sanborn

District 5

Susan Hollingsworth Adams


Linda Cade


Marjorie Morgenstern

"Walker" J Thomas Rugino


Mike Nugent

Patricia Farrar-Rivas


Dennis Colthurst


*Note: An attempt was made to reach out to all 2022 city council and mayoral candidates in all Sonoma County cities. If we missed someone who would like to participate please let us know and we will update this post ASAP.

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