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Call to Action: Dec. 6th 2021 Deadline

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Sonoma Safe Ag Safe Schools

Deadline Extended through December 6th 2021.

Email the CA Dept of Pesticide Regulation ( Tell them to:

1. Establish a web-based system for notifications of pesticide use in multiple languages. Robo calls and door flyers are NOT public or transparent enough. 2. Notify the public of planned pesticide use 72 hours in advance. 3. Require farms to post prior notifications of pesticide use NOW, not in 2024.

CA authorized $10M to require farms to notify the public before using pesticides but industry is trying to dilute the requirements. Your voice will make a difference!

Over 2 million pounds of pesticides are used on Sonoma County farms every year. The public has the right to know when/where this is happening.

What? Tell California to protect families and farmworkers by notifying the public before agricultural pesticide use Why? Pesticides are harmful to human health. Children born within 2.5 miles of heavy pesticide use are more at risk for leukemia. Over 2 MILLION pounds of pesticides are sprayed on Sonoma County farms each year (source: CDPR)

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