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Dr. Perro on GMO Mosquitoes in California

A Call to Action to stop GMO mosquitoes in California

November 2021

Dr. Michelle Perro’s Call to Action

1. Speak up, contact your representatives (below), ask them to stop the untested and unmonitored release of GMO mosquitos in California.

2. Call/email the EPA, ask them to provide the data on human and ecosystem safety for releasing GMO mosquitoes into the environment. Demand accountability and transparency for the unnecessary release of GMO organisms into the environment.

Environmental Protection Agency:

Phone: 415-947-8000


Sonoma County Representatives:

State Senator Mike McGuire, D-Santa Rosa, District 2

Phone: 707-576-2771


Assembly Member Jim Wood, D-Arcata, District 2

Phone: 916-319-2002

Email :

Assembly member Bill Dodd, D-Davis, District 4

Tel: (707)474-8252

Congressman Jared Huffman, D-Marin, District 2

Phone: 707-981-8967

Email through site:

Congressman Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, District 5

Phone: 707-542-7182


What’s Making Our Children Sick by Michelle Perro, MD

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